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Managing your business successfully includes making many decisions.

Business Manager eze makes it easy!

Every business will benefit from regular business reports and even stronger with advisory comments from your Accountant.

What is Business Manager eze and how does it work?

Business Manager eze is a business management, monitoring and reporting solution that syncs with a range of popular accounting systems.

It provides an easy way for Business owners to receive automated business monitoring and reporting so you can make better decisions and solve issues as they arise before they become a serious problem.

If you see something that you don’t understand or don’t know what to do, just email a copy to your Accountant for their advice.

There is a large range of functions in Business Manager eze, many are results of Customers suggesting functions or wanting more detailed information. 

We welcome your input as it helps to form the foundation of our R&D plans.




Try Business Manager eze with your own business data and you will see why we are so passionate about helping you to succeed.


A better understanding of your business

Issues highlighted before they become problems

Cashflow management – where did it come from, where did it go?

Consolidations in minutes, if you need them

Management reports that you can understand

Easy to produce!

Use our Budget Builder to model your business to achieve success

We Link and sync with

Online, Desktop & Hosted – We have them all covered.


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Business Cloud


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Business Owners and Managers, including Franchisees

Business Manager eze is the perfect foundation for Business improvement – Measure – Mange – Improve.

Automate your dashboards and management reports and schedule them monthly or weekly, depending upon how “active” your business is.

We recommend that you email a copy to your Accountant and ask for their business advice and comments. 

Schedule a “Board Meeting” every 3 months and have an honest discussion about how the business is going and what you need to change or improve. Set realistic goals and achieve them. A great feeling for every business owner. 

Before you know it, your business will be stronger and you will have the confidence to grow your business and achieve better sales, better profits, and be in control at last! More time for your family, more time for you.

This is a no-brainier for your business. We offer low-cost monthly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time.


“I love the platform and I love what Business Manager eze has done for our practice.


Morgan K. Hamon CPA, MPAccPresident

Business Manager eze is exactly what I was looking for! I love the dashboards and reports delivered to my Inbox. So simple!

Steve FairbairnBusiness Consultant

“Being able to access all the information you need whenever you need it can make a profound difference to the way you manage your business.”

Gavin ThieleChartered Accountant

Frequently asked questions

Accounting software is for invoicing, payroll, records and taxation compliance purposes.

Business Manager eze is for Financial Reporting and Business Monitoring to highlight results and show where the performance is not on track. That way, you can focus on the areas that will grow your business and increase your cashflow.

Business Manager eze is the only financial reporting and dashboard performance tool you will ever need. It helps to keep your business on track while saving you countless hours compiling all the data from accounting software.

Business Manager eze syncs with most major accounting solutions, re-maps the data and then in minutes, produces a set of Management Reports containing all of the critical information a business owner or manager needs in order to run a successful business.

Business Manager eze is suitable for all types of businesses and all phases of a business.

It is very easy to install and we provide many wizards to help you set up and personalize it to your needs.

With the first license acquired, we offer a “Train-the-Trainer” lesson to help with Implementation and setting up your first business. This results in the first set of reports for your business and you have the confidence to continue on.

Financial Management software is usually quite expensive to develop and to purchase. To make the price more easily affordable to Business Owners and Business Managers, we introduced a subscription license fee. While-ever your license is current, you can access automatic downloads, updated documentation, business plans, business forms, submit new ideas and access our web-based customer resources.

We bill you for a 12-month subscription at the time of purchase. To cancel further charges, just send us an email to let us know. Your credit card will not be charged again at the end of your existing subscription.

This is a Cloud Software-As-A-Service so it is always up to date. As Accounting solution providers release new versions, we are kept up to date with advanced “developer notice” to ensure that we are always in sync.

Users are staff members who can log into Business Manager eze and perform any function and create reports. Our subscriptions are based upon Client Business ledgers, not Users so we include an unlimited number of users in each license.

A “Client” is the owner of one or more Businesses. We had to keep this concept as many Clients now have multiple businesses so rather than entering multiple versions of the Client details, we stayed with the Client > Business structure. A Client may own multiple business entities plus Consolidations.

A Business is an entity, relating to a single file from Quicksbooks, Xero, Sage, Reckon or MYOB.

Each Client must have a unique Client name and each Business must have a unique Business name.

A Client and Business may have the same name.

If a Client has 2 businesses, they usually have different names but if they are branches or divisions they differentiate by adding location or a functional suffix. AMI Leeds, AMI Engineering etc.

“Groups” are like sub-totals. In some accounting systems, they have “Headers” which divide accounts into logical “Groups”.

Rather than seeing “Total Revenue” and then going directly to individual accounts, it may split revenue into “Major Product Groups” so you can see at a higher level, where problems are or how performance is. In Expenses, it is normal to split Total Expenses into “Salaries and Wages”, “Occupancy Costs”, “Sales and Marketing Costs” etc.

We have added the functionality to add these Groups even if they weren’t in the Accounting system so, when reporting, you can report at Summary (Totals only) / Group (Groups within Totals) / Account (Accounts < Groups).

Yes, “Set Currency” is now at Business level so Clients can have different currencies.

There is no Consolidation between different currencies If you require this feature, please contact us. We can either add a fixed foreign currency parameter or use the current conversion rate from the web.

The opening and closing stock are accounted for in inventory. COGS is effectively the net of Closing stock minus Opening stock plus purchases.

There are no rules in relation to this issue. Each Client, accountant or bookkeeper handles this differently when setting up a Client’s files. We therefore leave it up to each client, accountant or bookkeeper to determine where they wish to see this entry.

Again this is a personal choice for the Client, Accountant or Bookkeeper. Some people will net this off against interest expense.

This is a personal choice for the Client, Accountant or Bookkeeper. Some people net this off against sales whilst others will put this against other expenses.


The GST and PAYG has no net effect on the business cash flow. In circumstances where the taxes are collected in a different month to which they are paid, you will see an increase in “Bank”. This will continue until the month of payment when you will see the “Bank” balance reduce and the category that you use for these taxes (usually “Other taxes”) increase.

No. We haven’t provided for “customised columns” or the ability to write your own reports. Many people start out asking for this and then get into a position of having to pay someone to develop “special reports”. 

We have second-guessed every mainstream report that we can think of however, if you require something special, please let us know and we will discuss it with you. 

We have a few options to offer you.